Mark Bettinger


Mark was born and raised right here in Chucktown USA. You can often find him reading theology books at Java. He may or may not have a love affair with coffee. He enjoys the Chicago Bears, yard work, and traveling. He and Jenn have been married for 13 years and have 3 kids (Mady, Sam and Hannah.)

Text: 217.621.7170

Jenn Bettinger


Jenn was born in Mattoon, IL and oversees the women's ministry and international ministry at EIU. She loves to homeschool the kids, travel, read and watch Chicago Fire

Text: 217.621.9705

Elizabeth Anderson


Elizabeth was raised in Mason, IL, a small town south of Effingham, IL.  She graduated from EIU in December of 2017. She loves adventures, whether that involves traveling to new places or just trying new foods! She also loves art, music, and Nature as well as spending time with friends and family.”

Text 618.553.3348.

Lucas Mossman


Lucas was raised in Sullivan, IL and graduated from EIU in May 2017. He now works full time for a bank in Mattoon. He loves spending time with friends, playing board games and watching movies.

Text: 217.273.0580

Andy Rice


Andy is from Mattoon, IL. He graduated from EIU in the 20th Century and still drives the same car he had as a fifth-year senior. An active duty or reserve Marine for 25 years, he likes to read, work out at the Mattoon YMCA, and plan his next international adventure.

Text: 217.419.1960


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