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Mark Bettinger


Mark was born and raised right here in Chucktown USA. You can often find him reading theology books and hanging out at Java or the Union Food Court. He may or may not have a love affair with coffee. He enjoys the Chicago Bears, yard work, and travelling. Mark and Jenn have been married since 2004.

Cell: 217.621.7170

Jenn Bettinger


Jenn was born in Mattoon, IL and oversees international student ministry. She loves to homeschool the kids, travel, and hang out with her EIU life group. Jenn is an avid reader and loves the fall, sweaters and a nice cup of hot tea. They have 3 children: Mady and twins Samuel & Hannah and a dog named Bob.

Cell: 217.621.9705

Martin Osei


Martin is a recent graduate of EIU and serves as a volunteer staff. He was born and raised in Accra, Ghana where he did his undergraduate. After moving to Charleston, IL he pursued a Masters in Sustainable Energy. You will often find him discussing and playing soccer with his friends and hangin out with his Chi Alpha family. He loves hiking and riding his bike affectionately named, "Maserati." 

Cell: 614.852.1267

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